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Forest School

What is Forest School? How can it benefit my child?

Forest school is a specialised and unique learning experience that focuses on the holistic development of children in woodland environments. 


Taking place outdoors, it allows the development of a range of skills that are often hard to achieve in a classroom. Children are allowed the opportunity to learn independence, confidence and self esteem, creativity and imagination through a range of activities, as well as being physically active. By creating a learning environment that centres around exploration, problem solving and creativity, children are allowed to freely express themselves and develop positive relationships with themselves, those around them, and the natural world.


Activities include:

  • Den building

  • Sculpture

  • Potion making

  • Fairy house building

  • Foraging

  • Problem solving

  • Campfire building and marshmallows

  • Nature-based art, e.g. Dream catcher making, collage, etc...

  • Mini-beast hunting and nature spotting

  • Group games

  • Free play


The forest school ethos understands the importance of getting children into the great outdoors and allowing them to connect with nature. We know that outdoor play and exploration develops confident, independent, and creative minds- research has shown that it improves mental health, communication skills, relationships, and many other aspects vital to a child's development and wellbeing. 

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